Our comprehensive set of services, incorporate:

  • Debt Counseling: Sometimes even counseling can do wonders! When you know where you are headed to and what you want to achieve things become easier. That is why; a one-to-one meeting would be arranged for you, where our staff would make you understand your situation and possible solutions. There is nothing impossible! With this positive approach, you’ll surely move forward towards the horizon.
  • Consumer Proposal: Once the team gets to know your problem, debt settlement follows. This step involves getting in talks with the lender so that an agreed upon repayment plan can be formalized. Be it a personal loan or a credit card bill; negotiations for either of them can be undertaken.
  • Debt Restructuring: If there arises a need to restructure your debts, then so be it! Such a plan is undertaken based on how much you need to pay back. Whether it is your credit card settlement, lessening of monthly bill payments, lessening of loans’ interests, or resolving delinquencies; Insta Debt Relief Ltd. is at your service.
  • Debt Consolidation: Debt consolidation refers to transforming of credit card loans and unsecured loans into one single loan that attracts a lower rate of interest on the whole. We help you choose for this plan if the need arises, and that too with effective implementation. The advantage of debt consolidation is that now you would only have to pay one creditor thereby saving time and efforts.
  • Financial Consultancy: Our team has apt knowledge in the field along with years of experience. When new to the debt situation, one needs to know the terms and basics of financial liabilities. When you consult our team, they’ll help you with the right knowledge so that you are not fooled into anything by anyone.